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18 May Transforming Value

By Jordan Harmon If you haven’t noticed, our health system is extremely complex.  There are hundreds of surgical and non-surgical sub-specialties, thousands of hospital systems, and billions of medications prescribed each year.  Physicians have more treatment options than even just a few years ago and patients...

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04 May Why do a Study Like That?

By Ramesh Nathan, MD I recently was invited to participate in a research study, looking at the economic impact of a new drug for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection.  The new drug, called Fidaxomicin, has been available for a few years and has proven efficacy...

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13 Apr I am not an Economist

By Marty Muntz, MD, FACP I am not an economist. This is how I start my high-value care session during the internal medicine clerkship orientation day at MCW, and it is absolutely true.  It doesn’t take an economist, though, to realize that healthcare is too expensive.  Healthcare spending...

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