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06 Oct Willing and Able

By Nupur Garg, MD I hear an ambulance fast approaching. I’ll be able to breathe soon, I think. Minutes later, I arrive at the Emergency Department with an IV drip, oxygen mask, and neck brace in place finally breathing again. Three months later, still wheelchair bound with...

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22 Sep All on the Same Page

By David Cooke, MD “Mr. Jones’ chest x-ray looks normal.” the intern said to me on morning rounds.  Mr. Jones just had a transhiatal esophagectomy or THE.  The esophagus is the muscular tube that connects the back of one’s throat to their stomach.  It can develop...

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15 Sep When Less Is More

By Noura M. Dabbouseh, M.D. We speak of everyday decisions in terms of “cost-benefit” analyses. Many of our patients can’t afford a healthy meal, let alone a hefty hospital bill, thus making cost awareness increasingly relevant. But on the day that I met Mr. R., it wasn’t...

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