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21 Oct The Simpler Costs

By Olivier Van Houtte In March of last year I began and quickly ended a cycling career. In my first race of the weekend I placed second, and in a moment of hubris felt emboldened to reach for more. In the second race, the very next...

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14 Oct Stories From the Heart

By Stephanie Schneiderman I’ve spent this summer with Costs of Care looking for stories about the heart – literally and metaphorically. I read through essay submissions from Costs of Care’s annual contest over the last three years and chose some of the most relevant, poignant patient...

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16 Sep The Medicare Social Club

By Henry Kimmel, Psy.D. Days from her 80th birthday, “Nancy” (not her real name) is doing well.  She’s active, exercises, drives, travels, and lives alone in a multi-story apartment building without an elevator.  Her busy schedule of weekly activities includes several appointments with physicians.  Nancy’s medical...

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