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02 Dec Was it Worth It?

By Meera Gupta, MD Partial liver donation is the only life-saving deed that a non-surgeon can do for another person suffering from end stage liver disease.  On the other hand, a major operation on a healthy individual with no indication for surgery has been viewed by...

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21 Oct The Simpler Costs

By Olivier Van Houtte In March of last year I began and quickly ended a cycling career. In my first race of the weekend I placed second, and in a moment of hubris felt emboldened to reach for more. In the second race, the very next...

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14 Oct Stories From the Heart

By Stephanie Schneiderman I’ve spent this summer with Costs of Care looking for stories about the heart – literally and metaphorically. I read through essay submissions from Costs of Care’s annual contest over the last three years and chose some of the most relevant, poignant patient...

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