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29 Aug Outside the Box

By Jim Sepeda A family member of mine had recently been stricken with Diverticulitis. The treatment included an antibiotic that is infamous for creating nausea, and it ran true to form for my relative. After fighting to keep things down for several days, becoming more and...

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16 Aug Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

By Angela Gargus The last few years has brought certain buzz words and concepts to the forefront in the medical field – things such as the triple aim, population health management, and patient-centered medical homes.  All wonderful concepts but hard to establish with declining reimbursement and...

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01 Aug Variations on a Contracting Theme

By Karen Kresnik  The Nebraska Health Network (NHN) is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) established in 2010 between Nebraska Methodist Health System and Nebraska Medicine both located in Omaha, Nebraska.  This ACO was created in order to coordinate care between physicians and other care givers to...

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