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21 Dec Medical Students Choose Wisely

By Elliot Lass, William Silverstein & Anand Lakhani As summer students working with Choosing Wisely Canada, we were part of a national, physician-led campaign to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. The campaign has developed recommendations regarding commonly used tests, treatments or procedures that are not supported...

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30 Nov Two Sides

By Laura Sander, MD MPH “The blue side is what I display to people and the dark side is just that. The thoughts that race in my head are in yellow and white. Red is anger. The dark side of my mouth is because I say...

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23 Nov The Cost of Not Caring

By Stephen Miranda By the time Lydia came to Pathways Hospice, she had suffered from several hospitalizations. I was her “companionship volunteer.” During my training I learned about the power of a volunteer visit, but I had my doubts. At nineteen, I hardly had the life...

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