We work with professional societies, delivery systems, payers, purchasers, patient advocates, and other stakeholders to make care more affordable.


A recent event with Costs of Care and the Maine Medial Association focused on pushing clinicians to develop their own ways to reduce costs and pitch these ideas to Costs of Care “Sharks.” The “sharks” judging the proposals included Shah’s co-presenter September Wallingford, RN and the Maine Medical Association’s own Gordon Smith and Andrew MacLean.  A proposal to “unclick” all the automatically pre-ordered tests and labs in the emergency department was selected as the winner due to its simplicity and ease of operationalizing. The pitch was made by MaineGeneral Medical Center Emergency Department Director Tim Pieh, M.D.

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Costs of Care has partnered with organizations to improve cost conversations.  Please refer back to this page to see other partnerships throughout the year.

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Costs of Care is seeking to further partner with medical associations and clinical organizations around the country. Our impact together is much greater than addressing health cost challenges alone. If you feel that your organization is a fit to partner with us, please reach out.