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15 Dec Managing Care Through Guidelines

By Peter Nesbitt In 1991, The Managed Care Alliance (TMCA) began providing medical care to thousands of patients in South Eastern Pennsylvania and over the next ten years it grew to a nationwide program. TMCA was an experiment. Could a non-adversarial, cooperative partnership between care providers, patients,...

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08 Dec Dizzying Costs

By Kevin Davis It started with a mild case of nausea and got progressively worse. I became dizzy and shaky, but tried to ignore it. There was work to be done that afternoon. We were moving boxes into storage at my in-laws’ house in Michigan, and...

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24 Nov How the Other Half Dies

By Tukaram Jamale, MD Just at the closure of our OPD (Out Patient Department) in that hot and humid summer when we were discussing plans for the day’s admissions, Mr Ramesh Vichare was rushed in to the room by his son and wife who barely managed to...

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