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Costs of Care and the ABIM Foundation launched the Teaching Value in Healthcare Learning Network in March 2015.

The Learning Network served hundreds of educators and health systems directors and connected them to leaders in the field who shared practical advice about how to develop engaging curriculum and health systems innovations.

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25 Jul Teaching Value in Healthcare Hangout with Drs. Brown and O’Malley

Dr. Vineet Arora hosts this Teaching Value in Health Care Hangout with Drs. Cheryl O’Malley and Steve Brown from Banner Health. Banner has incorporated high-value care into its major strategic objectives, including creation of a local Choosing Wisely® competition. Through this effort they engaged residents and fellows to develop innovations to reduce unnecessary testing and promote evidence-based care. A winning team worked to improve adherence of lung protective ventilation in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

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25 Jul Teaching Value in Healthcare Hangout with Dr. Wade Iams

In this Teaching Value in Healthcare Hangout, Dr. Neel Shah interviews Dr. Wade Iams, who co-led Vanderbilt’s efforts to drive cultural change in promoting value through a challenge aimed at reducing unnecessary lab orders. The challenge is structured as a friendly, team-based competition between inpatient internal medicine resident teams. While the competition aspect may serve as a motivational tool, the true aim is to improve patient care and satisfaction.

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25 Jul Teaching Value in Healthcare Hangout with Bindu Swaroop

In this Hangout Dr. Swaroop discusses the novel longitudinal “Business of Medicine” curriculum she developed to increase cost-awareness among trainees as part of the internal medicine residency training program at University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine. New Teaching Value videos and podcasts of the conversations are posted on the Third Thursday of each month at bit.ly/teachingvaluenetwork.

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25 Jul Teaching Value in Health Care Learning Network Hangout with Dr. Robert Fogerty

Choosing Wisely Challenge winner Robert Fogerty, MD, assistant professor of medicine and academic hospitalist at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Fogerty will discuss “I-CARE” (Interactive Cost-Awareness Resident Exercise), which he created to engage faculty and trainees in a friendly competition to create effective, lower cost care plans.

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25 Jul Third Thursday Hangout with Dr. Daisy Smith

As part of the Teaching Value in Health Care Learning Network we are pleased to have Dr. Daisy Smith from ACP present on the ACP-AAIM curricula on High Value Care and other efforts led by the ACP to teach medical students, residents, faculty, and practicing physicians. We encourage community members to share their questions in advance or during the live presentation.

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