Steven Schroeder Award for Outstanding Healthcare CEO

Joanne Mather Conroy Md
Joanne M. Conroy, MD

Dr. Conroy has led D-H and D-HH to achieve outstanding safety outcomes, avoid low-value care, and focus on financial assistance and transparency for patients. As CEO and president of New Hampshire’s only academic health system, Dr. Conroy has overseen significant positive changes, including a dramatic turnaround in the D-HH system’s financial performance, the announcement of two major new expansion projects, and a strategic planning process that will guide the organization into the future. The goal is to be trustworthy and to provide excellent care, while keeping costs down. The top-down support from Dr. Conroy has made it possible for D-HH to focus on quality improvement and the costs of care without sacrificing the highest level of care that each patient expects and receives.