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13 Jun Broken?

By Nam Yoonsoo Was it broken? I analyzed the chafed skin on my fingers and my soiled palm after the fall, but did not spot any visible bone protrusion points. It was now nearly twenty minutes after I had kicked the muddy soccer ball down the field...

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06 Jun Proactive Prevention

By Usman Mirza There is no doubt whatsoever that prevention of an issue from happening almost always incurs cost savings. In my time volunteering as a pre-medical student at an extremely busy New York City clinic, the aforementioned notion was tried and tested to great effect....

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23 May Broken Promises

By Aamir Hussain At first glance, the Indian Health Services (IHS) appears to be a dream come true for patients concerned with out of pocket healthcare costs. Patients with IHS insurance, a single-payer system guaranteed to all members of federally-recognized Native American tribes, pay $0 co-pays...

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