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Costs of Care convened an Affordability Accelerator to identify concrete strategies that health systems can use to help patients make informed, shared decisions and reduce out-of-pocket health care costs.

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Choosing Wisely STARS - STARS 2024 program

Our STARS program provides training for medical students to lead value improvement initiatives at their own medical schools – addressing the need to incorporate high-value care and health systems science into medical training.

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The Steven Schroeder Award for Outstanding Healthcare CEO

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Costs of Care believes that every person should be able to receive needed healthcare without payment concerns. Crises such as COVID-19 highlight the extreme vulnerabilities in our healthcare system, including how risky high out-of-pocket costs can be for patients on a routine basis.  

In the U.S., patients often appropriately worry about receiving bills for unexpectedly large amounts following routine healthcare services.

As Dr. Aaron Carroll explains in New York Timescost-sharing is not only potentially dangerous in this current situation with coronavirus, but it also exposes the underlying problems with this mechanism for everyday Americans making everyday medical decisions with their physicians and healthcare providers.

Americans should be able to trust that when we need it the most, our healthcare will be accessible and affordable. Nobody should be forced to choose between their life and their life-savings.

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Working together we can improve the safety, affordability and experience of healthcare.

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Costs of Care Affordability Moonshot

Costs of Care envisions

‘a world in which no one has to choose between their life and their life savings’.

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