Affordability Framework

Costs of Care seeks to improve patient affordability. This will require many systemic changes. We all have a role to play. Our team has started the conversation by developing “key components for health care systems to address patient affordability”.

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Costs of Care Award Opportunities

Submissions now open for the Costs of Care Affordability Award and the Student Value Challenge.

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Choosing Wisely STARS - 2020 Leadership Summit

Our Leadership Summit provides training for first-year medical students to lead value improvement initiatives at their own medical schools – addressing the need to incorporate high-value care and health systems science into medical training.

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Latest Podcast

    Patient Affordability Concerns: Physicians Promoting Trust and Transparency

    Jess Keim-Malpass, RN, PhD

    Listen as Drs. Michael Williams and Scott Heysell from the University of Virginia Health System discuss their experiences with patient healthcare affordability, the complexities of billing and collections in our country, and how they have led discussions on improving the University of Virginia processes.


Latest from our Blog

Addressing Affordability – Costs of Care’s Clear Focus

Over the past 10 years, Costs of Care has helped lead the value improvement movement through a number of overlapping phases, from raising awareness and advocating for transparency, to addressing appropriateness by supporting clinician-led efforts to reduce waste and low-value care. There is still much work to be done on each of these fronts and as an organization we will continue to be meaningfully engaged in advocacy, awareness, appropriateness, and education. However, while each of these foundational components are necessary, they are insufficient for making the impact we want to see on patients’ financial and physical experience of health care. To truly provide greater value for diverse populations, we must meaningfully address patient affordability....

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Working together we can improve the safety, affordability and experience of healthcare.

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Costs of Care Affordability Moonshot

Costs of Care envisions

‘a world in which no one has to choose between their life and their life savings’.

Help us create this world.

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