Steven Schroeder Award for Outstanding Healthcare CEO

If you have a healthcare CEO who is working tirelessly to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare in your community, please nominate them for the 2021 Steven Schroeder Award

*All nominees must be CEOs of hospitals and/or health systems that reported to the free, 2021 Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

(If your hospital and/or health system did not report to the free survey, but would like to, please visit here for more information.)

Dr Steven Schroeder
Dr. Steven Schroeder

The Steven Schroeder Award for Outstanding Healthcare CEO was created to recognize a hospital and/or health system CEO who has demonstrated courageous and ethical leadership addressing the twin issues of affordability and quality of health care in their community, which is now more important than ever in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recipient of this year’s award will again be prominently recognized at The Leapfrog Group’s Annual Meeting, which will take place in-person on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 in Washington DC.

The award will recognize leadership in measurably reducing patient harm and saving dollars at the same time. Examples of leadership the Award seeks to recognize include:

  • Reducing infections and errors leading to reductions in length of stay and other measurable impacts on patient affordability;
  • “Patient friendly” billing practices and policies such as outcome “guarantees” and waiver of fees associated with avoidable harm;
  • Innovative consumer-friendly price and quality transparency tools accessible to diverse populations;
  • Counselors, social workers, and/or community outreach, that help patients advocate and engage with the health system to achieve the very best, most affordable care for themselves and their families;
  • Preventive practices that measurably reduce the need for acute care services;
  • Maternity and post-partum care practices that reduce unnecessary and expensive medical interventions
  • Application of Choosing Wisely and other clinician best practices to improve cost and quality
  • Fostering nursing leadership and engagement to improve patient safety and demonstrate cost savings to patients

The Outstanding Healthcare CEO award is named in honor of Steven Schroeder, MD, Distinguished Professor of Health and Health Care at the University of California San Francisco and former President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Schroeder has spent five decades inspiring and mentoring leaders to forcefully advocate for better quality and more affordable health care, and he has inspired leaders of both Costs of Care and The Leapfrog Group. Dr. Schroeder emphasizes, “At a time of an unprecedented pandemic, it is now more urgent than ever to use scarce medical resources to the best benefit of patients.” He maintains, “it is not possible for institutions to achieve this goal without visionary and courageous leadership. This award continues to recognize such leaders, with the intent to salute their accomplishments and to serve as a model for others.

Past recipients of the Steven Schroeder Award for Outstanding Healthcare CEO include Gary S. Kaplan, M.D., Chairman and CEO of Virginia Mason Health System in Seattle, Washington, and Mr. John A. DiAngelo, President and CEO of Inspira Health in New Jersey.

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*All nominees must be CEOs of hospitals and/or health systems that reported to the free, 2021 Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

(If your hospital and/or health system did not report to the free survey, but would like to, please visit here for more information.)

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