A New Partnership with Global Health Delivery Online

By Neel Shah, MD MPP and Jordan Harmon, MHA

Costs of Care is excited to announce a new partnership with Global Health Delivery (GHD) Online, a platform of expert led communities that brings together physicians, nurses, and other caregivers from all over the world to address critical challenges. The US Communities Initiative focuses on best practices and implementation strategies for delivering evidence-based care to under-served communities in the United States.

We are thrilled to launch a new Costs Of Care Community within the US Communities Initiative.  The focus of the community will be to advance a discussion on the responsibility of clinicians in keeping care affordable.  In this community, we are asking questions about whether health care prices get too much attention and how to address costs for those left uncovered by the Affordable Care Act.

Costs of Care will continue to share patient stories and anecdotes via our blog and via social media (@costsofcare).  However, this new forum provides a dedicated venue to dive deeply into the topics and connect with a network of colleagues.  In the coming months, we hope to share tools and articles that inform the way you deliver care.  This forum will also be an area where medical students, physicians, and healthcare managers can share their stories on integrating costs to ensure value for their patients.

We hope you’ll join us today to discuss these important topics and learn more about the work we’re doing at Costs of Care.


 Neel Shah, MD MPP (Twitter: @Neel_Shah) is the Executive Director of Costs of Care and an OB/GYN at Harvard Medical School. He is a Series Editor for “Teachable Moments,” JAMA Internal Medicine.

Jordan Harmon, MHA (Twitter: @Jordansharmon) is the Blog & Social Media Editor for Costs of Care and an administrator at NYU Langone Medical Center.

One Comment on “A New Partnership with Global Health Delivery Online

M.Ibrahim Khan
November 7, 2013 at 3:40 pm

I think it’s an excellent idea to educate health care providers including & especialy the younger generation about scientific medicine.
Lots of arguments are presented as red herrings to change the subject.For example, recently a pain specialist suggested to me that pain is multifactorial and that I can’t guarantee 100% alleviation.The consequence of this smoke screening is 116 million & counting Americans suffering from chronic pain.


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