Are Health Costs Sustainable or Sensible?

01 Dec Are Health Costs Sustainable or Sensible?

One of the most important questions asked in healthcare today is “What does it cost?”  Yet, we still don’t know the answer and we don’t have a clear way to provide patients with information to make informed decisions on what care to receive.  At the same time, we aren’t able to determine costs at the bedside so that care givers provide the right treatment option for each patient based on both quality and cost.  In a recent interview with a small not-for-profit group Sense & Sustainability, a group aimed at turning research into more real world applications, our Executive Director Neel Shah, MD MPP talks about how to make lower cost healthcare decisions, the  current healthcare environment, and how Costs of Care is poised to continue to help both patients and care givers address cost at the most important point in care- the bedside.

Watch the full interview here.

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